Protecting Workers From Wrongful Employment Practices

Labor & Employment Law


Protecting clients against all forms of workplace discrimination, whether based on race, gender, age, disability, or other protected characteristics.


Assisting those who have been unfairly treated or punished for rightfully reporting violations or discrimination.

Sexual Harrassment

Addressing unwanted and unlawful conduct in the workplace, ensuring victims can work in a safe environment.

Wrongful Termination

Fighting for those unjustly dismissed from their positions, helping them secure the compensation and justice they deserve.

treated wrongfully at work?

Security clearance

Response to Statement of Reasons (SOR) and Clearance Revocation Proposals

We offer expert guidance in drafting detailed responses to SORs or Notices of Intent to Revoke. This critical step often involves producing comprehensive briefs—typically 10-15 pages long, accompanied by 20 to 30 pages of supporting exhibits—to address security concerns effectively and potentially resolve issues before they escalate to hearings.

Representation During Security Clearance Hearings:
Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in security clearance cases before administrative judges, hearing officers, and Personnel Security Appeals Boards (PSAB). We’re adept at navigating trial-like atmospheres, including delivering opening and closing statements, managing cross-examinations, and handling exhibits, ensuring your rights are vigorously defended throughout the process.
Representation During Security Clearance Appeals:

For cases advancing beyond initial hearings, we provide seasoned representation in the appeals and reconsideration stages. Each phase requires a unique approach, and our team’s expertise is crucial in challenging negative decisions and achieving favorable outcomes.

The Spiggle Law Firm’s security clearance services are designed to address and mitigate issues effectively, ensuring that your professional qualifications and access to sensitive information are maintained. Trust our experienced team to guide you through each step of the security clearance process with strategic and knowledgeable legal counsel.

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