Fighting Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace


Fighting Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

A book by respected trial lawyer and former federal prosecutor Tom Spiggle for mothers, fathers and caregivers facing caregiving or pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

Pregnancy is hard enough. Going through it with a boss who is unsympathetic – or even downright hostile-only makes it more difficult. And when that disapproval turns into discrimination, it can hurt your job, your future and your children’s future.

But fighting back isn’t easy either. Federal and state laws protect pregnant women and caregivers from discrimination, but they are filled with loopholes and exemptions that are all too often abused. Your employer will have lawyers who know how to work the system.

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This is why it’s important to arm yourself with the information and knowledge you need to fight back and win. In “You’re Pregnant, You’re Fired!” you will learn:

For Your Book Club

For book clubs looking to discuss the problems facing mothers and fathers, and other caregivers in the workplace, and explore practical solutions, “You’re Pregnant? You’re Fired!” provides a comprehensive overview. Tom Spiggle does not advocate for any one approach but instead outlines worker’s rights, explains their options, and gives practical advice written in an accessible style.

Below are some questions, which may help spark discussion at your book club.

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