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At The Spiggle Law Firm you will get an attorney who focuses 100% on wrongful termination. This means that your attorney will be on the cutting edge of employment law.



The Spiggle Law Firm is one of the largest firms in Virginia devoted exclusively to helping employees win workplace disputes and fight wrongful termination. Maybe management is penalizing you because you are pregnant. Perhaps your supervisor fired you without so much as a good reason, or you’ve been punished for leaving work early to care for your sick child. You don’t make it your business to run off and hire lawyers, but this is outrageous.

Tom Spiggle is the real deal - a smart and compassionate lawyer who cares about his clients. And he does what he does for exactly the right reasons. As a father and a lawyer, he knows how important fighting pregnancy...

Matthew Kaiser

Tom Spiggle, an attorney in Arlington, Virginia, who handles pregnancy discrimination claims, said that low-wage workers often experience the most blatant discrimination. But they’re not the only ones. And he’s taken pregnancy discrimination cases before women even become pregnant.

Washington Post

Though research suggests that men also experience discrimination when they ask for time off, our practice sees few men seeking to remedy caregiver discrimination. One possibility for this is that men fear they will be even further ostracized for choosing...

Huffington Post

The only way that we’re going to have a better work-life balance, end the motherhood penalty and reduce pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is if men speak up, too.


Phillis was great! She really put me at ease about leaving my job and negotiating a beneficial exit agreement. She made herself for questions anytime, and she relieved so much anxiety about corresponding with ex-employers, often ghost-writing emails for me....

Andrea for Phillis

I highly recommend Jack and the associates at the Spiggle Law Firm, given their experience, excellent customer service and most importantly for their legal knowledge.

Dianne for Jack Jarrett

Tom is a wonderful attorney with a unique specialization in employment discrimination. Unlike other attorneys who dabble in employment law, this practice area is Tom's exclusive focus. I'd highly recommend The Spiggle Law Firm.

Steven Krieger

Tom is the first person I call with an employment or EEOC related case. He's an expert in the employment law field and an invaluable resource for assessing how the various jurisdictions will view a case.

Ian Cronogue
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