25: Physician Dads

Today’s guests, Drs. Steve Silvestro and George “Chaucer” Hwang discuss a variety of shifts and systems within the medical profession that are affecting the lives of physician parents. Both guests embody an array of roles – Dr. Steve is a pediatrician, bone marrow harvesting physician, mindfulness educator and host of the award-winning podcast, The Child …

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24: Physician Moms

Being a mom in the medical field comes with its own unique rewards, but also its own challenges. Today, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and Medical Director, Dr. Nawal Johansen, shares her experience of being a working parent in the clinical field. She describes many of the challenges mothers …

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23: Accountant Dads

Being a dad in the accounting industry looks different for everyone. With different roles and different types of employers, some accountants are in the office all day, while others work remotely or from client sites. Today’s guests, Kevin Stout and Jevon Knowles, talk about the benefits, flexibility, and struggles of being a working parent as …

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22: Accountant Moms

What is the life of a parent accountant like? While public accounting may offer an array of benefits, such as a flexible schedule and paid parental leave, there are also struggles and client demands that accompany work in this profession. This episode explores what it looks like to be a mom in the accounting field …

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21: Moms in the Tech Sector

Today’s episode dives behind the scenes of the lives of three moms in the Tech industry. As parents and career-oriented women, Henri Loh, Shadiah Sigala, and Vanessa Loder have a lot on their plates. As entrepreneurs in Tech and leaders of parent groups, each woman has a unique experience to share in this interview. Henri, …

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20: Dads in Tech

Technology has changed the way we parent in the modern world, but how does it impact parents in the tech sector? Today’s guests, Matt Burke, member of the programs team at Thumbtack and founder of the parent resource group, along with Hugh Molotsi, founder of Ujama, both share their experiences as working parents within the …

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Tom talks about h=his idea for the show and on Jennifer Senior's books.

Parents at Work Ep. 1

In the first episode of Parents at Work.,Tom Spiggle owner of the Spiggle Law Firm, explains how the idea of the show came to him through the his own experience of being a working parent while also having four kids.  Tom also goes into depth on books written by Jennifer Senior which talk about the negatives …

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19: Theatre Dads

Theatre Dads Being a parent in a field with sporadic schedules, travel requirements, and remarkably long rehearsals can create an array of complications. Today’s guests, Jeremy Chernick and Jerry Rapier are both involved in the theater and arts community while juggling parenthood. In this episode, they share what their journey as a parent and a …

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18: Moms in the Theatre

In today’s episode of Parents at Work, Tom Spiggle and co-host, Lori Mihalich-Levin, introduce us to two moms in the performing arts, Rachel Spencer Hewitt and Roberta Pereira. Rachel details her personal challenges as a working mom and the logistics of trying to find acting work while juggling new motherhood. Roberta addresses common practices in …

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