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How the New Virginia Laws Impact Employees

Over the past few months, despite the overwhelming pressure placed on lawmakers and laypeople alike by the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia has made major strides against discrimination in the workplace. As of July 1, 2020, the Virginia Values Act has gone into effect, along with additional similar pieces of legislation, altering the Virginia Human Rights Act …

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What do I need to say to be protected as a whistleblower?

What Do I Need to Say to Be Protected as a Whistleblower?

If you have complained to management, the press, or a government agency about your employer’s unethical, illegal, or discriminatory acts, you may have some protection under the law as a whistleblower. Depending on the circumstances, if you suffer negative consequences because you’ve said or written such criticisms, your employer may have broken the law. One …

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I Was Fired for Being a Whistleblower. Am I Protected by Law?

A whistleblower is a person who reports a violation of the law, an unethical practice, mismanagement, corruption, waste of funds, or danger to public safety. Whistleblowers typically report these illegal situations to the powers-that-be at a company or to a governmental agency. The laws around whistleblowers and whistleblower retaliation can be complicated. The Laws Protecting …

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Whistle­blower Protection It’s one thing to be fired or disciplined at work because of who you are. But sometimes, employees are disciplined or fired because they do the right thing. When an employee comes forward and reports illegal practices by company employees to HR or company management, that employee becomes a whistle­blower. Your employer cannot …

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Whistleblower Protection

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Many employees witness illegal or unethical conduct in their workplace, few are brave enough to report these actions to higher management or a government agency. Some of those who take a stand end up being punished by management as a result. Depending on the circumstances, those employees may …

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