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I Got Fired

Rob Porter joins the conversation to give s us little more details on the legal landscape for federal employees

I Got Fired Ep. 11

Staying on the focus of federal employees, Rob Porter will join me for the next few episodes. Rob is an attorney with us at Spiggle Law who works with federal employees and today he will help give an overview of general legal landscape for federal employees and how it i s different from people who are …

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Sara Kropf helps talk about OIG investagations

I Got Fired Ep. 10

Sara Kropf an experienced trial lawyer joins the conversation on OIG investigations. Sara  is possibly one of the most experienced lawyers to talk about this topic as she has represented both public and private companies while representing individuals as well.

Today we will cover MSPB an imprtant topic for those who feel they were unfairly fired from their federal job.

I Got Fired Ep. 9

There specific rights that must be followed when a federal employee has been fired, if you are a federal employee who believes they have lost their job without having the correct procedure followed than this episode is for you as we will cover MSPB cases.

Winthrop Hubbard joins us for the last part of the EEOC series

I Got Fired Ep. 8

On this episode, Winthrop Hubbard will join us once again to conclude our three part series on discrimination claims and EEOC.  The final part for this series will conclude on the top 10 mistakes people make when they try to file for discrimination claim with the EEOC.

Winthrop Hubbard joins us again for the second part of our EEOC topic

I Got Fired Ep. 7

Winthrop Hubbard joins us once again to continue the three part series on discrimination claims and EEOC. The last episode covered a broad view of the EEOC, but today we will go into detail on how to file for discrimination. This is a very important episode for any one who feels they are on the …

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Winthrop Hubbard joins in on the first of a three part series on EEOC

I Got Fired Ep. 6

Winthrop Hubbard of Sppigle Law Firm, joins us to begin a three part series on discrimination claims and Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions which is also known as EEOC. On this episode we will explain what EEOC is, the process of how to file for discrimination claims and the two ways you can do it, and …

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Rebecca Pontikes joins to talk about Counsult Fees in Employment law cases

I Got Fired Ep. 5

On this episode, attorney Rebecca Pontikes joins in on the conversation on the issue of Consult Fees in Employment. This was a topic that was briefly mentioned in a previous episode with Jacob Small.

Eric Bachman helps gives insight on how to understand the lingo that is used.

I Got Fired Ep. 4

The majority of people today quite don’t understand the lingo that lawyers speak. On this episode Eric Bachman joins in on discussing some tricks that anyone can follow that help them understand language lawyers speak with.

Jacob Small joins us today to talk about figuring out and finding the right representation

I Got Fired Ep.3

Attorney Jacob Small joins in to give advice to see if you were wrongfully fired and  finding representation for time that is considered to be confusing overwhelming for many.

 Edgar Ndjatou chimes in on complex employment law.

I Got Fired Ep.2

Edgar Ndjatou, the guest for this episode, is an employment lawyer in the D.C area with seven years of experience with an interesting background of being born in Cameroon but raised New York City.  Ndjatou will talk about on dealing with complex employment law situations.