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Theatre Dads

Being a parent in a field with sporadic schedules, travel requirements, and remarkably long rehearsals can create an array of complications. Today’s guests, Jeremy Chernick and Jerry Rapier are both involved in the theater and arts community while juggling parenthood.

In this episode, they share what their journey as a parent and a theatre professional has looked like for them. They discuss the changes that are currently impacting parents, resources that have helped them throughout their careers, and the benefits of taking nontraditional career paths. Join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in this exciting interview for a look behind the curtain as a theater dad.

Jeremy Chernick

Special Effect Designer

Jerry Rapier

Artistic Director, Plan-B Theatre Company

Show Highlights

-Navigating being in the arts and becoming a new parent
-What it’s like to be a dad in the performing arts industry
-The scheduling restraints that accompany being a parent within the arts
-Being honest about being a parent and asking for what you need
-Studios’ strategies to work with parents’ schedules
-Jerry’s adoption process and the impact it had on his organization
-The opportunities that the art community provides for children
-Actively pursuing support for family during work projects
-Changes that need to take place for upcoming parents
-How building working relationships benefits parents
-Changes that are currently happening within the industry that are affecting parents
-Establishing boundaries and respecting others’ time
-Practices to prioritize family time
-Resources mentioned that are helpful to working parents
-Learning to communicate with children on their level
-The power of podcasts for kids

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